Welcome to my  Website! I’m Resie Foreman- 

The Corporate Credit Coach and owner of  Commercial Loan Brokerage Firm- Corporate Capital Funding Solutions . I teach entrepreneurs and small business owners how  to acquire thousands of dollars in Corporate Credit aka Business Credit and Funding by operating their business as a corporation.

What qualifies me? I’m so glad you asked. You see,  I’m an Entrepreneur myself! I’ve successfully owned and operated several small businesses for the past 20 years- 2 Restaurants, A Retail Store, Mall Kiosks, a Logistics & Transportation Company  a Real Estate firm, and now my very own consulting firm headquartered in Atlanta, GA - just to name a few .

I’ve also helped countless entrepreneurs & small business owners just like you launch their brands in many different industries. What I have found through my own personal experiences and the experience of helping others is that most if not all small business owners have a need for one of the most important things when starting and operating a business , Cash and Credit! 

Are you an entrepreneur or small business owner struggling to meet the financial demands of your business?Have you often said I could expand or grow my business if I just had access to more cash? Well you’ve come to the right place. I’ve taken my years of business experience, strategies, professional insight, and resources and I have built a system that will teach you step by step how to build a strong Corporate Credit Profile-the key to getting your company approved for thousands of dollars in corporate credit and funding,  also known as business credit. This is how I have been able to pursue the American dream of owning my own businesses. I hope you’ll check out my website  from time to time. Here you’ll find tips, advice, and information catered to the small business owner seeking information and insight on how to grow their business through the power of corporate credit . If your now  ready to take your existing business to the next level and learn how to quickly start acquiring corporate credit and funding for your business then enroll  into my Online Corporate Credit Crash Course.

Corporation-An ingenious device for obtaining profit without individual responsibility -Ambrose Bierce

My Corporate Credit Crash Course will teach you step by step how to set up your business as a corporation to maximize your funding opportunities and show you how to quickly gain access to thousands of dollars in corporate credit and funding without having to give a personal credit guarantee.