Course Curriculum

Welcome to The Corporate Credit Crash Course

Video Introduction to the Course from your Instructor (3:59)

Introducing The Corporate Credit Crash Course (0:17)

Legal Disclaimer (0:39)

Is this Course right for me? (0:26)

Section I. Introduction to Corporations

Introduction to Corporations (1:00)

Lesson 1. What is a Corporation (0:14)

Lesson 2. When did Corporations originate in the United States (0:34)

Lesson 3. Why were Corporations created? (1:23)

Lesson 4. It's not Personal, if it's a Corporation, here's Why! (1:26)

Lesson 5. What are the different types of Corporations (2:19)

Lesson 6. Corporations vs Sole Proprietorships (1:54)

Lesson 7. Where to File for a Corporation (1:34)

It's Quiz Time (0:10)

Sec I. -Assignment 1.

Section II. Keys to Corporate Credit

Keys to Corporate Credit (0:42)

Lesson 1. What is Corporate Credit aka Business Credit (0:30)

Lesson 2. Why you need Credit for your Corporation (0:50)

Lesson 3. Climbing the Corporate Credit Ladder (0:43)

Lesson 4. Corporate Credit Can assist you in getting loans for your Corporation (1:12)

Lesson 5. Meet D.E.E. ( The 3 Major Business Credit Bureaus) (0:12)

1. Dun and Bradstreet (1:19)

2. Experian Business Credit (1:25)

3. Equifax Business Credit (1:42)

It's Quiz Time (0:33)

Sec II. -Assignment 2.

Instructor Video Recap Section I & II. (1:12)

Section III. Other Business Credit Bureaus for your Corporation

Credit.Net (1:11)

Client Checker (0:34)

Accurint (0:47)

Business Insight (0:38)

Section IV. Corporate Credit Construction

Lesson 1. Build your Corporate Credit Profile on the right foundation...FIRST! (1:20)

Lesson 2. Setting up your Corporation (S, C, or LLC) (0:32)

Lesson 3. The Best Corporations have Commercial Locations (2:37)

Lesson 4. Obtaining your Tax ID, Business License, 411 Listing, & More (2:25)

Lesson 5. What you should/ should not do when building your Corporate Credit Profile (2:33)

It's Quiz Time (0:35)

Sec III. & IV- Assignment 3.

Instructor Video Recap Section III. & IV. (1:24)

Section V. Don't forget D.E.E.

Lesson 1. Setting up your Dun & Bradstreet Profile (14:11)

Lesson 2. Setting up Experian Business Credit Profile (10:13)

Lesson 3. Setting up Equifax Credit Profile (8:12)

Lesson 4. Personal Credit Scores vs Corporate Credit Scores (2:32)

Section VI. Corporate Credits Best Kept Secret-Start Here!

Lesson 1. Start your Corporate Credit Profile with Net 30 Vendors (1:13)

Lesson 2. What are Net 30 Corporate Vendor Accounts (1:07)

Lesson 3. How many Net 30 Accounts should you get (0:53)

Lesson 4. How to apply for Net 30 Vendor Accounts (1:41)

Lesson 5. How much should you purchase on your Net 30 Accounts (0:56)

Lesson 6. Bills! Bills! Bills! Always Pay your Bills!!!! (0:58)

DOWNLOAD BONUS: 25 Net 30 Vendor Accounts (0:22)

It's Quiz Time (0:35)

Sec V. & VI.-Assignment 4

Instructor Video Recap Section V. & VI. (1:22)

Section VII. Revolving Corporate Credit Cards

Lesson 1. How do revolving Corporate Credit Cards Work (1:58)

Lesson 2. Completing the Corporate Credit Card Application (1:13)

Lesson 3. Corporate Credit Classifications and Codes (1:32)

Lesson 4. Officers of the Corporation (1:41)



It's Quiz Time (0:35)

Sec VII.-Assignment 5

Section VIII. Other Types of Corporate Credit

Lessons 1.-4. Business LOC, Invoice Factoring, Merchant Cash Advance, Equipment Financing (3:02)

It's Quiz Time (0:35)

Sec VIII.-Assignment 6

Section IX. Corporate Capital

Lesson 1. Acquiring Corporate Capital (2:45)

Lesson 2. Repairing your Personal Credit (1:11)

Lesson 3. Corporate Credit Partners (2:01)

Lesson 4. Corporate Credit Tiers (3:55)

It's Quiz Time (0:35)

Sec IX.-Assignment 7

Section X. Corporate Credit Definitions & Resources



Frequently Asked Questions

Corporate Credit FAQs

Course Wrap Up

Instructor Video Closing Remarks (1:25)

1 on 1 Corporate Credit Coaching Program (0:22)

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